Welcome to your head start

At the Whalen Salmi Group, our mission for clients is to give them the tools and insight needed to start and operate a successful and thriving business.

We strive to provide and secure funding, resources, and insight to get your dreams off the ground.

At wsg, we take pride in giving you the tools to go big

With over five years of being business owners, we know what it takes to keep you on your feet, and to keep looking forward.

We take the time to get you settled in, and discuss everything necessary to keep you and your business compliant with the rules and regulations of owning a business. With experience with State and Federal Bodies, including the IRS, FMCSA, DOT and many more, we know what it takes to get everything perfectly aligned for your business.

No matter what business you are going for, from last-mile package deliveries to long-haul OTR trucking, or server hosting to utility contracting, we've got everything you need at your fingertips.

Present your ideas

Show us what you've got. we listen to everybody

Here at Whalen-Salmi Group, we believe that no business idea should be ignored or overlooked. We are always looking for fresh ideas from inspiring entrepreneurs like you.  No matter what industry or size of your business, our team wants to hear all about it.  

To request an interview with us, fill out the form below.  We will look over your form, then send you an email with more information for what to do next.