Whalen Salmi Group INC.

our mission

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Welcome to the Whalen Salmi Group, where innovation is our main objective. We take pride in turning ideas into reality.

Our mission here at the Whalen-Salmi Group is to help you start your business venture. We have an ever growing team of investors and mentors alike, who are ready and willing to work together to help you succeed. With our dedicated team, and forward thinking partners, we can strive to give entrepreneurs and business minded individuals the kick they need to develop a stable and successful business.

Who we are

Dylan Whalen

Dylan whalen

President/CEO - WSG

Founder - HighStakes IT

Project Manager - Salmi Tree Service

My name is Dylan Whalen, and I am a co-founder and president of the Whalen-Salmi Group.

In my years of work in many different fields, I've learned a lot about the larger scope of the infrastructure market in the US. These experiences range from underground utilities, to major North American railroads.

With this experience I believe that I can provide the necessary insight to get any business minded individual(s) off the ground in their dream market.

Trevor Salmi

Trevor Salmi

President/CFO - WSG

CEO - HighStakes IT

CEO - Salmi Tree Service

Wassup y'all, my name is Trevor, and I am the 'Salmi' part of the Whalen-Salmi Group.

I am currently a college student studying Architecture at Illinois Tech. Through college, I have found many friends who, like me, want to begin their own business venture, but don’t have the help they need to start. I want to change that!

My goal here at Whalen-Salmi Group is to help bring all these flourishing ideas to life that would otherwise fade away as another hopeless dream.

System to success

What we do

At Whalen-Salmi Group, our mission is to empower clients who aspire to start a business but lack the financial support. We partner with you in setting up the fundamental elements of a successful business. This includes regulatory paperwork, securing funding, identifying an appropriate business model, and formulating strategies to ensure the sustainability and growth of your venture.

Once the business is established, our role shifts. We provide you with the autonomy to manage your operations while transitioning into a more supportive role as an investor and advisor. This is where we leverage our extensive connections in the market, sharing insights and guidance, to help you navigate your path towards success.

At Whalen-Salmi Group, we don't just invest in businesses - we invest in dreams, potential, and the passionate individuals who make them a reality.

How we do it

Our distinctive approach is rooted in the concept of an 'umbrella corporation'. This structure allows us to house multiple independent businesses under a single entity. Our unique model fosters a mutually beneficial ecosystem where each business can collaborate, share resources, and thrive together. This interconnected framework is engineered to cultivate a more sustainable and profitable business environment for all.

When one of the businesses under our umbrella achieves financial success, a small portion of those profits is reinvested across our platform. This reinvestment method serves to continually fuel the growth and stability of our collective business network. Consequently, it not only strengthens our umbrella corporation but also enhances the success potential of your individual enterprise.

Our primary aim is to ensure every venture under our umbrella benefits from this symbiotic relationship, providing a solid foundation for growth. At Whalen-Salmi Group, your growth and success are intrinsically linked with ours, creating a prosperous partnership that benefits all stakeholders.